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Welcome to the Custer County Tea Party Patriots Home Page

Please join us at Liberty Hall each first Tuesday of the month "Tea Party Tuesday" at 7:00 PM for a discussion of local, state and federal issues that face you and your nation. Liberty Hall is at 400 East Main Ave., in Challis, Idaho across the street from the Wells Fargo bank.  You can contact us via email at . 


Contact us at for more information.

Billboards across Idaho to "Vote Corruption Out" and "Defend Your Constitution"

Constitutional Scholars - A Program to bring Constitutional Studies to High School age children with a $500 cash prize to the student with the best grade on a test of the Constitution, Founding Fathers and the importance of understanding the Constitution's guarantees of freedom in our times.

Bumper Stickers for truckers.  A project to spread the Tea Party message across America by placing a large bumper sticker on truck trailers with the Gadsden Flag with the words "Let's Roll"





The Custer County Tea Party Patriots are dedicated to Honoring, Defending and Educating the public on the Constitutional Principles of our Founding Fathers, which are Limited Government, Personal Responsibility, Free Markets and Fiscal Accountability.

Home Page

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